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The Ancient & Accepted Rite in Somerset

In 2000 the District Recorder at that time, published a book called the Ancient and Accepted Rite in Somerset, that District Recorder was Norman Wilkins.

To celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the Order in Somerset, the Inspector General suggested that the book be updated with details of events in the District since that time.

While the Pandemic delayed the publication, we are pleased to announce that the first copies of the book have been delivered and we expect them to be distributed early March to Members.

Update: At the Millennium Chapter Rose Croix meeting held on the 5th March, the Inspector General formally launched the Publication of the 175th Anniversary Edition of ‘The Ancient and Accepted Rite in Somerset’ first published in year 2000 by Ill\Bro. N. Wilkins the then District Recorder.

Copies will be available for each Rose Croix Member of the District of Somerset, at no charge. For more information contact your Chapter Recorder.

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