Keynsham Chapter No 678

Warranted 25th September,1969

Lodge History

The Chapter was Consecrated on 5th January, 1970

Situated a mere five miles from the City centre, it is not surprising that there was a strong Bristol influence amongst the Founders, six of the High Degrees being original Members of the Charity

Chapter No. 439, meeting at Downend. One reason in support of the Petition was to accommodate Bristol masons who desired Rose Croix membership, but were not able or did not choose to join the Camp of Baldwyn.

Over the intervening years the Chapter has regularly Enthroned its MWS in November and according to the past minute books two – three Candidates each year have been Perfected. During the late 1990’s – early 2000 due to a scarcity of Candidates only a demonstration of the Perfection Ceremony was performed, in consequence, combined with many untimely deaths and members moving away from Somerset the numbers began to drop. In 2009 the financial situation of the Chapter became critical as the members’ annual fees did not cover the expenditure paid out to Supreme Council and to the Keynsham Masonic Hall Ltd.

A small working party consisting of 3 senior members of the Chapter was set up to find a solution to the financial problems. A Committee meeting was held on Tuesday 13th. October 2009 at which a document called “The Future”was produced, this was compiled as a result of the working parties findings and presented as recommendations to be discussed at this meeting.

All members present had the complete freedom to speak and express their own opinions, and after a very full and open discussion the MWS concluded it was time to make a decision.

Should the Keynsham Chapter Rose Croix No. 678 relocate”

A vote was taken To Relocate 16

Against 2

Abstained 1

The majority vote was accepted for relocation. A proposal to move the January meeting to February was also agreed by all.

Amendments to the By-laws would be required. It was proposed and seconded that the place of meeting and the change of month would be itemised on the Summons for approval at the next Regular meeting 10th November 2009. To read:-

The Regular meeting of the Chapter shall be held on the Second Tuesday in November and February and the Third Tuesday in April at Saltford Golf Club, Golf Club Lane, Saltford, Somerset. B S31 3AA

Keynsham Chapter met for the first time at its new home on Tuesday 9 th February 2010.

An excellent working relationship exists with the Golf Club, who are very happy to accommodate us in such beautiful surroundings. The Golfers use the club during the day and it becomes free for our use in the evenings. The food produced for our after meetings is to a high standard, guests and members are all very complimentary. Needless to say that our financial situation is healthier, members are now paying £10 less in annual dues, and with two Candidates on the waiting list for Perfection in 2015. The Chapter is in good spirit.

Lodge Meeting

Meets at the Saltford Golf Club on the second Tuesday of February and November and the third Tuesday in April (18-15hrs).

Saltford Golf Club, Saltford BS31 3AA ROSE CROIX Keynsham (1969) 678

At Salford, off the A4 halfway between Bath and Bristol.

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