Sedgemoor Chapter No. 966

Warranted 13th November, 1986

Lodge History

THE NAME WAS CHOSEN to identify the proposed Chapter with the District of Somerset wherein the town of Bridgwater is situated. Sedgemoor has historic links with the Monarchy, for in 1685 the last major land battle in England was fought here, in which the Monmouth rebellion was defeated. In this respect there is a touch of irony in the name, as little did the Founders imagine when making the choice, they too would be involved in conflict with a group which vehemently opposed the move to establish a Rose Croix Chapter in the town.

Following preliminary discussions with Representatives of the Hall Management Committee the Founders were assured that their case for use of the Hall facilities would be favourably presented to the full Committee.

Their hopes were quickly dashed! The Bridgwater Masonic Hall Committee having discussed a report of the meeting between the sub-committee and Founders, voted by majority to turn down the request. Had this decision gone unchallenged it would have brought an early end to the Founders’ endeavours.

The Inspector General, the Rev. Dean H. L. Franklin, being aware of the circumstances promptly contacted the Provincial Grand Master, R:.W:.Bro. Kenneth Kinnersley, to seek h is help in resolving the matter. The events which followed are not minuted. Suffice it to say that the intervention of the PGM brought about a complete reversal of the decision, and the formalities leading towards the approval of the Petition by Supreme Council were able to continue uninterrupted.

The Chapter was consecrated on 27th April, 1987.The success presently being enjoyed by the Chapter is a tribute to the fortitude of the Founders in overcoming the lack of local support and in fully justifying the endorsement of the Inspector General.

Lodge Meeting

Meets at the Bridgwater Masonic Hall on the second Friday of May and December also on the second Tuesday of September (18-00hrs)

The Masonic Hall, King Square, Bridgwater TA6 3DH

From all directions follow signs to Sedgemoor District Council Offices to either Northgate or King Square. Rear entrance in Northgate next to SDC Offices at Bridgwater House with small Lay-by. Two large PCPs 300 yards either side. Restricted parking in King Square for front entrance.

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